Print to paint conversions, are a unique way to   display your much loved pet!

Whether you like traditional prints, or new print to paint conversions, Invision Photography offers customizable packages and print options!


What is print to paint? it allows for a traditional photograph to be converted into what looks like a real painting, (Savannah) the golden retriever just above, is a perfect example, when mounted onto a canvas, or traditional printed photo paper, the effect is unique!

$250 Session:

- 1.5 hrs at one Markham/Stouffville location

- 20 Proofs

- Low resolution proofs provided on CD (prints extra)

- One pet ($45 for each additional pet of same owner)

- Assortment of toys provided

$450 Session:

- 3 Hrs of session time

- Choice of two locations Maximum of 100 Km from GTA

- 60-75 proofs provided in low resolution

- One pet, $25 for each additional pet of same owner

- Assortment of toys provided


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